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Learn From Home FAQs

Free Learning Material, Free Revision Quizzes, Free 7GB Data

To support parents at this time, YTL Foundation, in collaboration with YES & FrogAsia, is providing free 7GB data and access to free learning resources to all government school students.

Through this initiative, all primary and secondary school students will have access to

  1. Free Learning Material aligned with the Malaysian national school curriculum to help children keep up to date with the school syllabus from home. 
  2. Free Revision quizzes by downloading the FrogPlay Mobile App
  3. Free 7GB data to learn from home

Visit to get started today!

LEARN: Free Learning Materials
1. How do I learn from home while schools are closed?

We’ve made learning from home simple! To learn from home:

  1. Access weekly lessons for English, Mathematics and Science, for Year 1 to Form 5, to help kids keep up with their learning. Created in partnership with content partner Pelangi and Teach For Malaysia, these lessons are aligned with the Malaysian curriculum.
  2. Do quizzes via the FrogPlay Mobile app on your phone or tablet to test kids’ knowledge and reinforce understanding. Quizzes cover all core subjects and all years, and are created by reputable publisher Pelangi. Download the mobile app to get started!
2. What do I need to do to access the learning material?

All you need to do is just go to and search for the lesson under the tab “Learn”.

3. Where can I access the learning material?
The lessons can be accessed on both your laptop and mobile devices.
4. What subjects are there?
You will have access to lessons for English, Mathematics and Science, for Year 1 to Form 5.
5. How do I know when the learning material has been updated?

You can subscribe to receive lessons updates from us. Go to and leave your email address under the Learn tab to subscribe. 

6. How do I use the learning material for my kids?

To learn how you can use the lessons for your kids, watch this video at!

7. What about assessment/revision questions?

To access revision questions, download our FrogPlay Mobile app. We have over 5000 quizzes from Standard 1 - Form 5.

  1. For Android Play Store: Go to:
  2. For iOS App Store: Go to:
8. Can I ONLY access the lessons with a YES Prepaid SIM Card data?

No. You can access the lessons on using any Internet service available to you. 

LEARN: Revision Quizzes
1. How do I access free revision quizzes?

To learn by doing quizzes, download the FrogPlay Mobile app on your phone or tablet.

  1. For Android Play Store: Go to:
  2. For iOS App Store: Go to:
2. I’m new to Frog. How do I login?

Being a new user, you may create a Frog Learn from Home account using your Facebook ID with the following steps:

  1. Open App
  2. Enter
  3. Click Continue with Facebook
  4. Login with Facebook details
3. I’ve downloaded and logged into the FrogPlay Mobile app. How do I start learning?
1. After logging in, press ‘Revise’ to start doing quizzes, select the level (e.g. Lower Primary), select the subject (e.g. Sains), and select a quiz from the list.

2. To search for specific quizzes (e.g. according to your kids’ year), press the Filter button on the top right of the screen to run an advanced search.

3. From the main page, you can also press ‘Reports’ to view kids’ quiz scores. Happy learning!
4. How do I search for specific quizzes in the FrogPlay Mobile app?
From the main screen, press ‘Revise’ to start doing quizzes, then press the Filter button on the top right of the screen to run an advanced search.
5. Can I login to access via a website?

No. For access to FrogPlay Mobile Home Learning, you need to download the FrogPlay Mobile app on the Google Play Store through a mobile phone / tablet.

  1. For Android Play Store: Go to:
  2. For iOS App Store: Go to:
6. Can I use the FrogPlay Mobile account I created to login to my school’s Frog VLE?
1. The FrogPlay Mobile account is to Learn from Home and can only be used to access the FrogPlay Mobile app to enable learning at home during this period.

2. Once you return to school, you can ask your teachers or school administrators for your Yes ID to enable you to unlock the full range of tools within your Frog school experience. If you need any help retrieving your school Yes ID, you may also contact FrogAsia Helpdesk.
7. What if I already have a Yes ID?
  1. If you already have a Yes ID, you can download the mobile app and login to the FrogPlay Mobile app with your school address and your username and password as normal.
  2. You can also access the Frog VLE by logging in through and by downloading all Frog mobile apps to help you learn anytime, anywhere. Look for FrogAsia Sdn Bhd on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to find our list of mobile apps!
8. Can I ONLY access the lessons with a YES Prepaid SIM Card data?
No. You can download and access the FrogPlay Mobile app using any Internet service available to you.
9. I have more questions. What do I do?

This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.Contact us at the FrogAsia Helpdesk at or 018-7997979, and we’ll be happy to help! To find out more about Frog and FrogAsia, visit our website at

FAQ - Free Data (YES)
1. What is ‘YES Online Prepaid SIM Card for Learn From Home Education’ Programme (“LFH Programme”)?
The LFH Programme is open to all Malaysian parents with children studying in primary or secondary government schools in Malaysia to enable their children to access the online learning resources, including the FrogPlay Mobile App for the purposes of anytime, anywhere learning, especially during the period of the Movement Control Order.
2. What does the LFH Programme Bundle consist of?
It consists of:

1. FREE One (1) Prepaid SIM Card with YES Mobile Number;
2. FREE 40GB LTE Data with an Account Validity Period of sixty (60) days from the date of service activation.
3. How do I redeem the LFH Programme Bundle?

To redeem the LFH Programme Bundle, each applicant must register via and provide the required information in the designated columns therein.

4. Is there any verification required to participate in this LFH Programme Bundle?
Yes. You will receive an email notification with the next steps.
5. I have lost or cannot find my child’s MyKad/MyKid. Can I register using my child’s birth certificate?
Yes, however the ID that is printed on the top right of the child’s birth certificate needs to match the MyKid/MyKad ID that is keyed into the form during registration.
6. How do I know if my application is successful?
You will receive an SMS and Email confirmation from Yes with the subject “Y E S to Education”.
7. How do I collect my YES Prepaid SIM Card?
Our delivery personnel will be delivering the YES Prepaid SIM Cards to applicants whose application is successful.
8. How many LFH Programme Bundles am I entitled to register for?
You are entitled to register one (1) child for one (1) LFH Programme Bundle. An applicant must not have, in aggregate, more than five (5) prepaid accounts with YES.
9. I am a parent with more than one child, how do I register for all my children?
The LFH data extension only allows for 1 SIM per NRIC. This applies to both data extension alumnis (existing customers) and new applications (new customers).
10. Does the YES Prepaid Account have a validity period?
Yes, the YES Prepaid Account has an Account Validity Period of sixty (60) days from the date of service activation.
11. What happens after the validity period? Will I be charged?
No, the 40GB LTE data is free and will only be available for sixty (60) days from the date of activation.
12. How do I activate the YES Prepaid SIM Card once received?
  1. Go to the self-care portal at
  2. Enter your Order No into the box “Order ID” and Yes Mobile Number into the box “Mobile Number”. 
  3. Click on the “Activate” button and your SIM will be activated in less than 2 minutes.
13. How do I know if the YES Prepaid SIM Card can be used on my mobile phone?

For a full list of supported devices, visit

14. How do I know if the Yes SIM card can work in my area?

To check the YES network coverage in your area, visit

15. Who shall I contact if I need more details on this LFH Programme Bundle?
FAQ - YES Kasi Up NUTP SIM Plan Programme
1. What is the YES Kasi Up NUTP SIM Plan?

The YES Kasi Up NUTP SIM Plan is a Service Plan provided under the Prepaid Service by YTL Communications Sdn Bhd (“YES”). It is available only for the members registered under the National Union Of The Teaching Profession Malaysia (“NUTP”). Terms and conditions apply.

2. How do I know that I am eligible for this programme?

You need to be a member registered under the National Union Of The Teaching Profession Malaysia (“NUTP”). If you believe you qualify for registration, please visit for member registration. In addition, you do not have more than five prepaid service accounts with YES.

3. Where can I apply for this programme?

You can apply for the YES Kasi Up NUTP SIM Plan through our MyYes app or the YES Online Store.

4. How many YES Kasi Up NUTP SIM Card(s) (“SIM Card”) can I apply for?
Each eligible subscriber can only apply for one SIM Card.
5. I have submitted my application for a SIM Card, now what?
Upon receiving your application, we will verify if you are eligible (see FAQ no.2 for the eligibility criteria) and we will send you an email informing whether you are successful. If your application is successful, your SIM Card will be delivered to the address you provided in the application form.
6.I have successfully applied for a free SIM Card and received my confirmation email, how do I know when I will receive it?

You should receive your delivery tracking number with your successful application email. To check your delivery status, go to and enter your delivery tracking number. 

7. I have received my free SIM Card, how do I activate it to start using my free 40GB data right away?

To activate your SIM Card,
(i) Download the MyYes app
(ii) On the login page, press “New User”
(iii) Press “Activate SIM” button and follow the self-activation steps on the screen
(iv) Once your activation is successful, you can now login to your account using your phone number and the password sent to your email. You can also login using the TAC method if you can’t find your password.

8. Am I allowed to choose a YES Mobile Number when I apply for the SIM Card?
Not at this point in time. A YES Mobile Number will be assigned to each SIM Card upon activation.
9. Why do I need to provide my MyKad information and perform facial recognition during activation?
In accordance with the guidelines set by the government, we are required to confirm that all subscribers are genuine and there is no fraud involved.
10. How long will my YES Kasi Up NUTP SIM Plan account be active from the date of activation of the SIM Card?
Your YES Kasi Up NUTP SIM Plan service account will remain active for a period of 60 days from the date of activation of the SIM Card.
11. What happens if my YES Kasi Up NUTP SIM Plan account becomes inactive?
You will still be able to receive calls & SMS, access your contacts and make emergency calls. However, you will not be able to make any other calls, send SMS or surf the internet. Kindly purchase a YES Reload for your YES Kasi Up NUTP SIM Plan. The minimum purchase of a Yes Reload is RM5 which has a Validity Period of ten (10) days.

Any unutilised data after the expiry of your account shall be forfeited.
12. Does the 40GB free data have an expiry date?
Yes, it does. It is valid for a period of 60 days only from the date of successful activation of your YES Kasi Up NUTP SIM Card.
13. How will I know whether I have received my free 40GB data upon activation of my YES Kasi Up NUTP SIM Card?

Login to MyYes app and the data should be reflected on your home screen.

14. Can I purchase other Prepaid Data Add-Ons before my account expires?
Yes, you can. For more information on the Prepaid Data Add-on, please check out our Prepaid FAQ.
15. Will there be any charges imposed when I call other YES numbers?

There will be no charges imposed when you call YES numbers from your YES SIM. However, charges will be imposed on all international (IDD) calls and SMS in accordance with the voice calls and SMS rates as more specially published in

16. Will there be any charges imposed when I call other networks?

Yes, all domestic calls to other networks are subjected to a standard rate. Please refer to the table below:-

Type of Off Net ServicesRates (RM)Charging Block (in seconds)
Voice CallsRM 0.09/minute30
17. Will there be any charges imposed on IDD Service?

Yes, charges will be imposed. Please refer to the voice call and SMS rates in relation to IDD Service @

18. What if I have more questions not addressed in this FAQ?

You can send an email to or get the MyYes app and manage your account anywhere with our Selfcare app.

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