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Yellow House Rejuvenation Project

Over the past two and a half decades, YTL Foundation - the charitable arm of the YTL Group - has strived to impact the Malaysian society through its various programmes, initiatives and aid provided. We are constantly on the lookout for new forms of collaboration in order to bring about greater value in our work.


Every ringgit you could spare will count towards a wonderful shared space for all Malaysians in-need.

Yellow House KL, founded by Shyam Priah, Acumen Fellow (2023 cohort) has inspired us to collaborate with them to bring a new lease of life for the community they serve - something Yellow House has done with thousands of its own beneficiaries over the past 12 years. 

Now, we are inviting the public and good-natured Malaysians to also take part in a fundraising activity that we believe has the potential to impact hundreds, if not thousands more lives among Malaysia’s underserved communities.

We are proud to introduce the YTL Foundation x Yellow House KL rejuvenation initiative.


We first discovered and connected with Yellow House KL in late 2022, after being impressed by the work and impact this organisation has achieved over the years. Yellow House has provided food aid during the Covid-19 lockdowns, helped underserved communities get access to vaccines, used their physical space as a shelter for refugees, and helped end homelessness for several beneficiaries. Yellow House strongly believes in creating lasting and meaningful impact for their beneficiaries - by using an empowerment approach to create sustainable changes in the lives of the underserved.

We paid a visit to Yellow House’s space in 2022 and noticed immediate concerns with the space from which they operate. Despite serving as a shelter for hundreds of beneficiaries and having hosted over a thousand volunteers from all over the world, Yellow House’s space in Ampang, Selangor, is in urgent need of rejuvenation. An aging building that constantly needs repairs which has severely limited the functionality of their space, especially following the Covid-19 lockdowns.

We strongly believe that every extra square feet of functional space in Yellow House will help impact more lives.  

To read more about Yellow House KL and the people behind the organisation, click here.


Inspired by the past impact and future potential of Yellow House, the YTL Foundation with the assistance of the YTL Group’s construction division has undertaken to thoroughly renovate the Yellow House building.

This rejuvenation initiative carries the express mandate to maximise its space, increase its functionality, and create a welcoming atmosphere for volunteers, and the underserved communities, while enabling Yellow House to add-on various social business initiatives that could benefit the surrounding community - including an urban gardening initiative, and a safe space for promoting mental health and well being.

The overall cost of the rejuvenation project is expected to reach RM 275,000. 

In support of Yellow House’s rejuvenation and future ambitions, YTL Foundation has donated RM50,000 to Yellow House to kickstart the fundraising, matching the RM50,000 that Yellow House has raised to-date. The balance will be raised through donations from you, our generous supporters.

The Yellow House rejuvenation is set to begin in September 2023, and every ringgit you donate will count towards a wonderful shared space for those in-need. YTL Foundation and Yellow House KL seek your goodwill so that together we can make a difference to the lives of the vulnerable communities served through the Yellow House programmes.

RM 106,235.58
RM 275,000


To donate to the Yellow House KL Rejuvenation project, 
please bank transfer to:
Pertubuhan Kebajikan Masyarakat Yellow House
CIMB 80-0936057-1


Does the donation get channeled to YTL or Yellow House?

Donations will be channelled directly to Yellow House’s account.  

How many people will benefit from this project?

This rejuvenation is designed to empower and serve marginalised and vulnerable communities. Yellow House, to date, has served thousands of beneficiaries despite its space and operational constraints. The idea is to help Yellow House scale up, so that it can increase the number of these communities served.  

What will happen to Yellow House during the renovation period?

Yellow House will continue to exist and operate, albeit in a much smaller scale. Without its space, key personnel will work remotely to serve their beneficiaries or work on planned projects, before going full-scale post the rejuvenation.  

What will happen if the donation total exceeds the target goal?

All extra proceeds beyond the stated goal in the fundraising exercise will be channelled to Yellow House’s benefit, for the organisation’s future programmes and operation costs.  

Will YTL be involved in Yellow House operations?

No. YTL Foundation is merely acting as a supporting catalyst and benefactor for Yellow House in this rejuvenation project. All operational aspects will continue to be handled by Yellow House thereafter.

How will the renovation impact Yellow House's future projects?

With a more optimised space, Yellow House will be able to scale up and carry out new projects that the old place had no carrying capacity for. Some of the planned projects in the pipeline are those that will generate a source of income as social business. The SE model will not only contribute to the beneficiaries but will allow Yellow House to sustain its business model.

Future plans in the pipeline
1. Co-working space as a revenue generation platform
Establishing a co-working space within the newly revamped Yellow House presents a promising revenue generation model while also fostering social impacts and sustainability. 

2. Farming & Farm to Fork Initiative
Yellow House hopes that once the renovation is complete, it will be able to begin farming and table-to-fork initiatives as a revenue generation model. Through diversified revenue streams, community engagement, and social impacts, Yellow House can achieve financial sustainability while making a positive difference in food security, education, and local resilience. 

The co working space, a farm to fork initiative, a repair café and not forgetting a welcoming safe space for those in need of mental health rejuvenation will enable Yellow House to continue its social mission whilst allowing it to financially sustain its operations.

What is YTL Construction’s contribution in the rejuvenation of Yellow House?

YTL Foundation has roped in the assistance of the YTL Group’s construction division for Yellow House’s rejuvenation project. As the Design & Construction partner, YTL Construction will undertake the renovation of the Yellow House building, especially in providing design & construction expertise, network and manpower.     

In line with YTL Foundation’s ethos and Yellow House’s own sustainability practices, YTL Construction has conceptualised the idea of incorporating bamboo as an innovative and sustainable building material into Yellow House’s renovation. This serves not only as an eco-friendly choice, but also to add a unique touch of natural beauty to this initiative.   

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