In collaboration with YES and FrogAsia, YTL Foundation is providing free mobile data and online learning materials to all students registered in Malaysian government schools to learn from home. Together, let's keep our children safe and learning!

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Want your kids to learn from home? Help them keep up with their studies by learning from lessons created with teachers from Teach for Malaysia. With videos, notes and interesting activities from Std 1- Form 5, our lessons are engaging, and aligned with the Malaysian national school curriculum. Help your kids enjoy learning from home today!

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Wondering how to assess your kids’ progress in their studies? Help them learn by doing quizzes in the FrogPlay Mobile app! With an ever-growing bank of quiz questions from partners like Pelangi, there are over 13,500 quizzes are waiting for you to use! Quizzes cover SK, SMK, SJKC & SJKT subjects. Download the FrogPlay Mobile app now on your phones or tablets!


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Get Free Data

YES will be providing parents 4G prepaid SIM cards with a 40GB data plan for kids to learn from home. These SIM cards will be delivered to registered home addresses. Click to apply.

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Help Us Give Out Free Phones

Learning from home cannot be a reality for some because they have no access to devices. We want to help. We’re giving out free phones with 120GB worth of data (10GB/month for 12 months) to students from B40 families so they can learn from home. Know of students who are unable to continue learning from home because they don’t have a device?

  1. Obtain the consent of the parent of student you are nominating and gather the following information:
    1. Student MyKid/MyKad number
    2. Parent MyKad number 
    3. Parent B40 status from the government Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN) portal
  2. To get parent B40 status go to https://bpn.hasil.gov.my/, enter Parent MyKad number, then click ‘Semak’
  3. Ensure the student is from a B40 family by checking that the parent’s Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN) status is LULUS and the amount stated is RM1,600. Take a screenshot as evidence. (See sample below)

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