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Teach For Malaysia believes that all 
children in Malaysia should have the opportunity to realise their potential through quality education.

With a vision that seamlessly aligns with ours, it is only natural that we have been partners from the beginning, continuously working together to build better societies through education. Through the Teach For Malaysia Fellowship, the YTL Transformational Teaching Award, and collective collaboration, tens of thousands of students have been impacted since our partnership began in 2012.

We also support Teach For Malaysia's Fellows in bridging academic gaps and leading projects that build towards 21st-century skills and values. This resulted in a growth in entrepreneurial and future-facing leaders in Malaysia's education ecosystem. Of the over 200 social innovation projects launched in schools by Fellows during the two-year Fellowship since 2012, 12 have scaled up to nonprofits, social enterprises, or social purpose organisations, including Project ID, MYReaders, ARUS Academy, Chumbaka, PEMIMPIN GSL, Edvolution Enterprise, Closing The Gap and Acumen Malaysia, all of which are founded, led, and/or staffed by Alumni. To be a part of their journey has been an honour, especially in supporting these purpose-driven organisations:

Each has been founded, led, and/or staffed by Teach For Malaysia Alumni, like Acumen Academy Malaysia, one of our flagship leadership transformation programmes, and PEMIMPIN GSL, one of the setups that we incubated. Together, we have provided platforms for leaders like this to grow in Malaysia, and we aim to keep doing so. As of 2022, the programme has recruited, trained and developed 447 Fellows and Alumni, with over 80% serving in leadership positions in Malaysia’s education ecosystem. They include:

  • Oga Chan, Head of Acumen Malaysia
  • Cheryl Ann Fernando, CEO of PEMIMPIN GSL
  • Ratnadewi Lim, Teacher at SMK Segambut
  • Juin Koo, Product Owner at FrogAsia
Beyond the Fellowship, we also collaborated to create over 1400 lessons for the Learn From Home Initiative. Teach For Malaysia played a key role in supporting the development of these online lessons, now on our website and the Launchpad Mobile App. Since its launch, our lessons have been accessed over 1 million times.

First Phase

  • English
  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Second Phase

  • Additional Mathematics
  • Sejarah
  • Geography 
  • Pendidikan Islam
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Our long-standing partnership has resulted in countless opportunities to leave positive impacts on students, which included participating in TFM Week, where our Foundation's senior management co-taught with Teach For Malaysia Fellows.

Our long-standing partnership has resulted in countless opportunities to leave a positive impact on students, which included hosting the TFM Week, where our Foundation's senior management co-taught with Teach For Malaysia Fellows, impacting over 270 students.

The YTL Teaching Transformation Awards debuted in 2018 to galvanize teaching excellence in classrooms. This collaboration was initiated by Yang Amat Mulia Tunku Ali, the Crown Prince of Negeri Sembilan, to commemorate the late Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay’s passion for education. 

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Teach For Malaysia has come a long way and has impacted students across the country. Together we will continue this collective effort to build our nation through education.

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