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2023 ROUNDUP | JAN 2024

As we welcome the new year, we reflect on 2023 as a year of new milestones and continued growth for YTL Foundation.

The Foundation made significant strides in the global social impact scene, where some of our notable initiatives include hosting the 11th installation of the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) Conference, as well as the launch of the Teachers for Educational Equity (TfEE) in collaboration with the University of Birmingham.

Staying true to our mission of building Better Societies Through Better Education, we continued to work with local social transformation champions to impact all levels of stakeholders in our nation’s education landscape.

For in-depth stories of YTL Foundation’s impact in the past year, read more below to learn about our initiatives and progress.

Nurturing Hearts Through the Teachers for Educational Equity Initiative

In the spirit of transforming lives through education, the Teachers for Educational Equity Initiative is a collaboration between YTL Foundation and the University of Birmingham with a clear mission of providing world-class quality education to teachers in underserved communities across Malaysia.

As of July 2023, 68 dedicated teachers embarked on a heartfelt journey, enrolling for the Postgraduate Certificate in International Education (Malaysia) delivered by the University of Birmingham under this transformative initiative.

During the pre-enrolment stages, 84 passionate educators were nominated, hailing from 11 alternative learning centres in the Klang Valley and Teach for Malaysia. The journey continued with 68 resilient educators attending the first face-to-face teaching and learning sessions at Dignity for Children Foundation on August 25 and 26.

Beyond the formalities, this gathering marked the beginning of a collective effort to nurture hearts, minds, and futures. Through this initiative, educators aren’t just imparting knowledge; they are sowing seeds of hope and transformation, one heart at a time.
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YTL Foundation Scholars’ Inspiring Path to Personal Development

Embarking on a transformative journey, YTL Foundation scholars recently immersed themselves in a profound MBTI (Myers-Briggs Personality Type) training, with nine scholars in the UK and 33 studying in Malaysia who participated in this training.

Beyond the formalities of traditional learning, the core purpose of this training was to guide scholars in understanding themselves better and celebrating the uniqueness that define individuals. It fosters a deeper awareness of their mindset and showcases how different personalities can harmoniously collaborate, forming a supportive and interconnected network that extends beyond the training room.

At the end of the training, scholars shared their favourite moments, along with their most significant takeaways, revealing that they not only enjoyed the event but also discovered practical ways to embrace a growth mindset consistently and forge lasting bonds with one another. The scholars embraced the challenge with an eagerness to learn and connect, turning the event into a resounding success.

Each scholar crafted a personal development plan based on their self-reflection, serving as a guide for upcoming coaching sessions to ensure sustained growth beyond the training.

The success of the event became a testament to the remarkable spirit of the scholars. Their enthusiasm underscores the potential for growth and connection when they embark on their careers.
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Malaysia Teacher Prize – Celebrating Excellence in Education

“From the Classrooms to the World Stage” – that was the theme of the Malaysia Teacher Prize 2023 Summit, an event that celebrated the dedication and efforts of educators. There were workshops, panel sessions, and over 60 speakers during the Summit which was attended by 700 participants. At the grand finale of the Summit, Cikgu Muhammad Nazmi was crowned the winner of the Malaysia Teacher Prize 2023.

He outshone 2,135 applicants nationwide and was recognised at the award ceremony for his heartfelt dedication as an English teacher at SK Long Sebangang, Sarawak. Cikgu Nazmi's innovative teaching methods and the creation of the Filpen Club earned him this well-deserved recognition. The Malaysia Teacher Prize 2023 bestowed upon him a significant cash prize of RM 50,000 while the other four finalists received RM5,000 each for their commendable contributions. With the prize money, he dreams of establishing a district recording studio that will offer recording facilities to support student initiatives.

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KELASKITA - Transforming Education Together with Micron Technology

KelasKita stands as a beacon of empowerment with a mission to break down barriers and empower every Malaysian to make education more accessible to communities nationwide. With this initiative, KelasKita aims at narrowing the learning loss and gap faced by school-age children in the B40 community.

As of July 2023, we have collaborated with five education implementers, namely KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers Associate, Micron Technology, CIMB Foundation and YTL Construction to bring KelasKita to the community. The programme has supported 200 volunteer tutors and benefited around 600 children.

One standout partner is Micron Technology, a US-based producer of computer memory and data storage with two factories nestled in the heart of Penang. Their involvement in KelasKita has been transformative where in May 2023, they successfully onboarded 40 volunteer tutors with training materials and modules crafted by FrogAsia. These tutors have since impacted over 70 students from SK Batu Kawan Penang and SJKT Batu Kawan Penang.

Moving forward, KelasKita expanded its reach in July and August 2023 by recruiting 20 volunteer tutors from YTL Construction. These volunteers, who have been tutoring since September 2023, supported students from nine homes that have been aided by the organization in the past years. Their involvement in KelasKita showcases corporate commitment to societal well-being, bridging educational gaps and making a tangible impact in Malaysian communities.
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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly... while Learning about Internet Ethics & Food Waste

‘Unmasking Dark Patterns, Navigating the Digital World Ethically’ was conducted by a UTAR lecturer for 96 local, orang Asli and refugee children ages 11 to 17.
The children learned how to identify common online tricks that were found in applications and websites that prompt them to do things they may not necessarily want to do. They explored different types of online tricks such as ‘Sneak into the Basket’, ‘Bait and Switch’, ‘Privacy Zuckering’ and ‘Confirmshaming’. In addition, the children understood the negative impact of online tricks on consumers. The session reminded them to be responsible and make wise decisions when it comes to navigating the online space for information.

A total of 19 students from 3 refugee schools participated in an engaging session on food waste conducted by the YTL Sustainability team. Haziq, our YTL scholar alumni took the lead, where the students explored what food waste is, the impact of food waste and the solutions to food waste.

The team talked about issues that were caused by food waste, such as hunger and climate change. The session incorporated videos, discussions and quizzes, which made learning fun and relevant. The students were very engaged, especially during the quiz!

Leaps Academy hosted a Christmas party for 44 orang Asli children of Temuan ethnicity, including the community coordinator and a few helpers from SEMOA, a non-governmental organisation from Kampung Tras, Pahang. A group of 2 lecturers and 8 students from UTAR led the Christmas craft session, where colourful Christmas garlands were made. After lunch, they had performances including dancing and playing the guitar while singing.

The highlight of the party was having the teachers meet their students in person for the first time – since Leaps Academy and Lions Raub have been conducting online classes for these children since March this year! Despite the initial shyness, the children were ecstatic to meet their teachers.

The children did a balloon twisting activity and some even gave their creations to their teachers as appreciation. They were also given opportunities to express their gratitude to their teachers through simple speeches. The teachers had a great time getting to know more about each other too!

After the party, the students explored the vicinity of Bukit Bintang as many of them had never been there before. They departed at around 4:30pm.

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Navigating the Future of Teacher Development with LADAP Plus

LADAP Plus is Malaysia's pioneering teacher professional development mobile app spearheaded by PEMIMPIN GSL. More than just an app, this innovative platform is set to elevate educators by delivering top-notch and evidence-based professional development tailored to meet their needs, changing the game in education empowerment.

On September 14, the app made its debut at SK Taman Seri Gombak 2 for the soft launch of Program Sekolah Rintis LADAP Plus. The launch was officiated by Puan Sri Normah Hashim from Yayasan Sime Darby.

At the launch, over 110 attendees received hands-on experience with the beta version of LADAP Plus. A treasure hunt added a playful touch, ensuring everyone felt at home navigating through the app.

The excitement didn't stop there. A series of brief sessions were conducted at SK Taman Kepong and SK Sungai Judah for Program Sekolah Rintis. These sessions explored key aspects covering the app's timeline, expectations, commitments and the benefits that the LADAP Plus app brings to schools.

Now, educators across the nation can embark on this transformative journey to elevate their teaching experience. With the app being just a click away to download on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, teachers in Malaysia can dive into a new era of professional development where learning meets innovation.
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Malaysia Acumen Academy’s Journey of Resilience and Growth

From February to October 2023, the current cohort of Acumen Fellows embarked on a purposeful journey of learning about moral leadership, which culminated with the transition into the Foundry. Together, they explored the depths of adaptive leadership, managing polarities and learning the art of crafting narratives that would resonate deeply with their intended audience to mobilise change and stir the winds of progress for a better Malaysia. What truly shone was the remarkable support the cohort extended to one another, a bond that promises to endure the test of time.

In June, 80 Fellows and Foundry Fellows (fellowship alumni) gathered for the Acumen Academy Southeast Asia Gathering. Jacqueline Novogratz, the Founder and CEO of Acumen was present at the event alongside the Southeast Asian leaders. Facilitated by our Foundry Fellows, conversations unfolded seamlessly, spanning diverse topics from climate to AI, Good Society Readings, Story Walks and engaging workshops. Over the course of three days, the gathering not only strengthened bonds but also laid the foundation for new friendships within the community.

The highlight of the year happened in November at the Selection Conference, where 20 builders gathered from all corners of Malaysia. As they navigated the final stage of selection for the 2024 cohort, the air buzzed with energy and passion as they connected with each other, holding the promise of a future for Malaysia that is sustainable.

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