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Scholar Stories:
Grannil Ding Simon

Apr 2024


I dreamed of breaking the cycle of financial struggle, creating a better life not just for myself, but for my family as well. Receiving the YTL Foundation Scholarship was a turning point in my life, especially since my dad was the sole breadwinner for our family. 

Pursuing my studies seemed like a distant dream until I stumbled upon the YTL Foundation Scholarship.

I poured my heart into the application, preparing the relevant documents required and writing my personal statement, hoping for a chance to change my future. When I received the news that I was chosen as a scholar, it gave me hope for a brighter future in higher education. This marked the beginning of a transformative chapter in my life, allowing me to pursue Mechanical Engineering at Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

I recall doing my internship with YTL Power at the Paka Plant in Terengganu for 4 months long which gave me valuable exposure before joining the work force. Then began my journey with YTL Power in 2018 and I was later transferred to YTL Construction as a Graduate Engineer under the M&E Implementation Department until January 2024. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to make another move within the company, from Labis to Kulai, Johor under the Data Centre Solutions Department. As an engineer within a Data Centre project, I'm involved in designing and implementing mechanical systems, integrating technology infrastructure, and adhering to industry standards.
“As a YTL Foundation Scholar, you will have access to a wealth of opportunities for growth and advancement within the company. With a strong culture of learning and development, you will have ample platforms to thrive and excel in your career.”

Back when I was in the Utility Relocation team at YTL Construction, I gained hands-on experience overseeing construction activities, managing resources, and ensuring compliance with safety, enhancing my problem-solving abilities and communication skills.
I was fortunate to have guidance from individuals who helped me grow from my academic journey and to my career. Even as a Graduate Engineer, I was entrusted with responsibilities and trained to think like a Site Engineer, and now holding the position of Senior Site Engineer. For me, growth had not just come with the job opportunity but also guidance from my mentors, Dominic Hua and Yogeraja Sagaran who pushed me to the fullest.
Some may have a misconception that when you get a scholarship, the bond will hinder your growth and opportunities within the company. However, far from restricting your potential, the bond serves as a platform for you to thrive and excel in your career. As a YTL Foundation Scholar, you will have access to ample opportunities for growth and advancement within the YTL Group as I have experienced.

To those interested in applying for the YTL Scholarship Programme, go for it with all your heart and determination. Trust YTL to support and nurture your journey every step of the way.
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