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THE Covid-19 virus threw life as we know it into disarray, causing seismic shifts in the way we work, learn and generally function.

But despite the persistent challenges the pandemic posed, the YTL Foundation persevered to ensure that its various community-benefiting programmes reached its intended audience and achieved the intended goal.

This year, the YTL Foundation Scholarship will continue to be offered to encourage those wishing to pursue their tertiary education either locally or abroad.

Applications via an online application form must be made before March 31.

The foundation has offered scholarships to deserving students with robust potential to thrive since 1997 as part of its commitment to investing in the future generation of citizens who are the key to a progressive nation.

And to ensure students aren’t left behind in their studies with the massive shift to online learning as schools closed, the foundation introduced its “Learn From Home” content platform, in collaboration with YES and Frogasia.

YTL Foundation programme director Datuk Kathleen Chew said the platform, which has content from 278 new lessons covering the entire national primary and secondary Bahasa Melayu curriculum for Year One through to Form Five, will continue to aid students, teachers and parents across the nation amidst the precarity ahead.

Additionally, the Foundation’s Acumen Academy Malaysia welcomed its first cohort of 20 fellows last year. Fellows were selected from varying sectors to reflect the diverse Malaysian context.

The programme aims to cultivate leaders intent on building an inclusive, just and sustainable world.

“We are heartened that the year-long leadership programme went smoothly, with fellows rising to the challenge of taking on additional work amid the pandemic.

“As we foray into 2021, the Foundation will build on the groundwork laid out in the previous year, ” she said in a newsletter.

Other efforts from the foundation include its response to the pandemic, where it contributed RM1mil to the Covid-19 Fund initiated by the government, and the Thought Leadership Series where it invited professors from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom and Malaysian educators to share their insights on tackling education in a time of uncertainty.

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YTL Foundation was founded in 1997 on the belief that education is the basis on which every society progresses. By improving education, empowering future generations and building tomorrow’s leaders, YTL Foundation aims to empower individuals and communities to be catalysts of change.

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