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Teach For Malaysia Joins YTL Foundation’s Learn from Home Initiative

FrogAsia and Teach For Malaysia Fellows Develop Online Content for Malaysian Students

KUALA LUMPUR, 31 March 2020 - Teach For Malaysia, whose Fellows have been teaching in highneed Government schools across the country since 2012, is the latest partner joining YTL Foundation to ensure all students in Malaysia continue learning from home during the Covid-19 school closure.

On 25 March 2020, YTL Foundation, in collaboration with YTL Communications and FrogAsia, launched its Learn From Home Initiative to enable online learning from home, leveraging YTL Communications’ Yes network and FrogAsia’s content and digital platforms. Under the Initiative parents can register for free Yes 4G SIM cards with 40GB of data and have access to learning resources and the FrogPlay Mobile App with more than 5,000 revision quizzes for free.

Since the launch of the initiative, YTL Foundation has received an overwhelming response, with the majority of registrations coming from lower income communities living in semi urban and rural areas. With free data, families are able to access online resources to help their children learn from home.

Teach For Malaysia Fellows and Alumni will be volunteering their time to work with FrogAsia to produce innovative and engaging online lessons covering Mathematics, Science and English for Standard One to Form Five. Fellows and Alumni involved are leveraging on their invaluable experience teaching in high-need Government schools across the country in order to create content that is easy for students to follow and engage with, regardless of their level of proficiency in the subject matter. This is to achieve the objective of ensuring that no child is left behind in their education.

The lessons will be tailored to address the part of the national school curriculum that students will miss over the next weeks of school closure. These lessons will be added to the bank of English lessons already released by FrogAsia this week. The other content partner, Pelangi, have curated quizzes in FrogPlay Mobile and are also providing content for the FrogAsia lessons.

YAM Tunku Ali Redhauddin ibni Tuanku Muhriz, Chairman of Teach For Malaysia said, “Bringing online learning to our most challenged communities resonates with Teach For Malaysia’s mission and core values, on top of ensuring continuity of teaching in the schools where our Fellows are placed. Thus, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank YTL Foundation and FrogAsia for providing us the opportunity to develop content that can be accessible to all, through their platform. To all parents and students, I would encourage you to access online learning resources such as the FrogPlay Mobile App to keep everyone learning, during this unprecedented time.”

In providing more information about the organisation, Dzameer Dzulkifli, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Teach For Malaysia added, “Teach For Malaysia Fellows are selected from among the most talented graduates and young professionals in our country. Since the Fellowship began in 2012, 450 Teach For Malaysia Fellows have impacted over 130,000 students in high-need schools across the country, the majority of whom are from families in the Bottom 40% income group (B40).”

YTL Foundation will continue to actively seek new partners and collaborators to make learning from home as rich and enjoyable an experience as possible for our students so that they can continue to learn at home.

The Teach For Malaysia-FrogAsia lessons will be available at These lessons together with the FrogPlay Mobile App can be downloaded for free regardless of whether parents have registered for the Yes 4G SIM. All that is required is an internet connection and a smart phone or device.

Please visit to register for FrogPlay Mobile and apply for the free Yes prepaid 4G SIM cards. For regular updates on the initiative, follow us on or @ytlfoundation on Instagram and Twitter.

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